About: A Disclaimer

The giant disclaimer that I feel obliged to place here is that rarely is that which is written worth reading.

I have opinions about things. I’ve developed the way my mind forms these opinions by cultivating sympathy, consciously attempting to avoid bias, and preventing the formulation of these opinions without requisite education. I attempt not to be one of the masses who rushes to disseminate my opinion before understanding the facts, or treats “thought leaders” as gospel no matter the topic. But this does not mean my opinion is worth sharing.

Pardon me while I grant myself this one opportunity to clarify something that in a respect undermines what I said earlier: Rarely does anyone’s personal experiences make for a good piece that illuminates something broader. Rarely does writing about one’s innermost problems, feelings, or desires make for a more interesting piece than one that is expansive in scope. Writing that takes into account a global version of any issue is inevitably, at least in my own experience, more illuminating. So this is what I attempt. But I don’t know, maybe some like being subjected to an (oft-privileged) individual’s pathos.

So, taking the lead of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black, let me outline the following:

A ground rule: I will attempt to never take a perspective that is ill-informed or unduly biased

A guideline: let me know if I betray the guideline

A recommendation: don’t bother

A precept: don’t ever take anything this seriously (or let me do the same)

The only thing I hate more than the sound of my own voice is the blathering of my own writing. So thanks.


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